Which Overwatch hero are you?

I think the title explains itself, people. You see which Overwatch hero you are. The possible results are: Soldier: 76, Reaper, Bastion, McCree, and Reinhardt. Here is a string of emoticons for your enjoyment.

:V ._. >_< ;V >:V (*-*) :3 d:|:b Also look for: Which JoJo character are you? Which Paladins champion are you? What DnD class are you? Which music genre are you? Jk, I didn't make any of those.

Created by: Big Chungus

  1. What would you be most likely to be doing at night other than sleeping?
  2. What's your cliche catch phrase?
  3. Which of the following superpowers would you want?
  4. What's your favorite listed video game?
  5. Which is your favorite TV show/movie genre?
  6. If you beat someone in a battle, what do you do with them?
  7. What's your favorite gamemode?
  8. What's your favorite color?
  9. A man in black from The Matrix offers you a red pill or a blue pill. Which do you take?
  10. Is Paladins better than Overwatch?

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Quiz topic: Which Overwatch hero am I?