The Overwatch Quiz

I hope you studied for overwatch because this quiz gets downright offensive and you will fail and if not you hacks i hope the game isnt F2P so it can get rid of people like you.

Seriously, This can be OFFENSIVE to some people. It has some dark humor which is actually hilarious lol but you've been warned so now you take quiz kk?

Created by: codysly

  1. What's the payment model going to be?
  2. When is beta coming out?
  3. Who is Winston?
  4. What happens, if playing Roadhog, when you press SHIFT?
  5. Who is the Robot Monk?
  6. Which hero can turn into a turret that can rotate 180 degrees and has a front shield?
  7. How many people have made it this far into the quiz without s---ting their bubbles and rage quitting? Note: Choice will have an obvious impact on results.
  8. Which hero has a bow?
  9. What are some good games to help me prepare for Overwatch?
  10. What does Lucio do?
  11. Who is your favorite hero?

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