Which shimada brother would you date ?

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Hello I'm an overwatch fan and had to make a quiz of my favorite character genji and Hanzo, I hope you guys will enjoy this quiz. This quiz takes place in overwatch we're Hanzo and genji are looking for a love to come home to and maybe some kids.

If you are a single person who lives overwatch and ninjas then here is that quiz will you be with the dragon of the north wind or the dragon of the south wind ? Come on and find out...

Created by: Datgirlnerd
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you the silent serious type ?
  2. Are you good with weapons ?
  3. Whoyld you * cough cough * with your love ?
  4. Cat or dog ?
  5. Do you like ninjas ?
  6. Do you like to go out on dates ?
  7. Would you join the shimada ninja clan ( death gang )for your lover?
  8. Bow and arrow or sword ?
  9. How many kids would you want ?
  10. Are you an overwatch fan ?
  11. And the final question....who do you think your going to get ?

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