What is Your Competitive Pokemon Battle Role

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There are many roles in competitive battling. Some pokemon suit offense while others are better defensively. Ever wondered what role suits your personality best?

What role would you play? Do you think you'd be a fast sweeper or slow bulky wall? Take this test and you will know what exactly your role would be!

Created by: Poke

  1. To begin with, do you prefer attack or defense?
  2. Are you the sort of person who lives life in the fast lane?
  3. Do you consider yourself popular?
  4. Do you feel the need to have lots of HP?
  5. What do you think of stat boosters?
  6. Do you like to make the first move in a battle?
  7. What type of pokémon do you think you'd be?
  8. What sort of battle would you be best in?
  9. Do you heal often?
  10. Which role do you think you'd suit?

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Quiz topic: What is my Competitive Pokemon Battle Role