what hobby or game would you do or play?

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In this quiz will determine if you play games or you do sports... I hope you enjoy and i Hope its accurate so good luck and maybe you will be what I think you will be.

i like minecraft and i like gaming... do you like minecraft? i don't know because i am not you. you is you and that's what you will always be and that's that.

Created by: brent
  1. what do you prefer?
  2. are you afraid of getting hurt while playing a certain sport?
  3. what game do you prefer?
  4. what sport do you prefer?
  5. do you like minecraft?
  6. do you love fortnight?
  7. do you like football?
  8. do you love soccer?
  9. did you like this quiz?(each choice changes who you are unless if you wanted to be someone this one was made for fun, so don't answer this one unless if you want an random hobby or game)
  10. iuerwqjfsdghklsdaflhgkdfljfdkf same as 9

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