How much do you know cricket

Lets see how much you like and love cricket cricket is a wonderful game and the second most watched game in the world but is it life for you let's see through this quiz

Best of luck for playing My quiz will highlight your skills in cricket and also make you start liking cricket hope you like it and please play wisely

Created by: Kristy Thomas
  1. Who is the tallest cricketer of all time
  2. Which cricket ground is known as the home of cricket
  3. Who is the captain of England ' t20 team
  4. Which year did Sachin Tendulkar retire
  5. Shane Warne was what kind of bowler
  6. Who is England's bowling coach
  7. Which of these cricketer's height is 6 feet 7 inches
  8. Who among these was awarded as ICC player of the year
  9. Who was the runner up of champs trophy 2013 in England & Wales
  10. Which country has the highest paying cricketers

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Quiz topic: How much do I know cricket