Could You Be A Pro Athlete?

Being a pro athlete can be quite the task for some people. Can you take the punishment and criticism. Can you fight through the injuries. Maybe you can.

Do you want to be a pro athlete. Take this quiz to find out if it is the right path for you. Hopefully you do great. Good luck and you probably don't have anything to worry about.

Created by: Serge
  1. Do you have freakish size?
  2. Hardest sport?
  3. What company would you most want to be sponsored by?
  4. How nimble are you?
  5. How smart are you?
  6. Do you get along with your teammates?
  7. Do you party or are you a family person?
  8. Do you do drugs?
  9. Would having kids make you try harder and keep your nose clean?
  10. Favorite movie
  11. Hairstyle
  12. Where do you like to eat?
  13. Favorite Car
  14. Do you love sports?
  15. Are you injury prone?
  16. What's the first thing you buy when you sign your first pro contract?
  17. What city would you most like to live in?
  18. How often do you practice your craft?
  19. Can you play multiple positions or are you a one trick pony?
  20. Do you feel like you have to talk about politics?
  21. Which is harder in sports?
  22. How tall are you?
  23. Do you have a mental illness?
  24. How much do you weigh?
  25. Work ethic
  26. Favorite band
  27. Favorite TV show
  28. Democrat or Republican
  29. Are you religious?
  30. What's most important?
  31. If someone wanted to take a picture with you would you have a problem with it?

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