Which Type Of Longboarder Are You?

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There are many disciplines and styles of longboarding, and many kinds of longboarders. We all have one thing in common, a love of longboarding, but some of us are different from others.

Some of us skate purely for relaxing fun, some for competition, some skate for exercise and others for the thrill. Which kind of skater are you? Take the test and find out now!

Created by: Dusty Rivers
  1. Your ideal skate spot is...
  2. What is your preferred method of slowing down and/or stopping?
  3. What's your favorite thing about longboarding?
  4. What is your ideal setup?
  5. When you aren't skating, what are you doing?
  6. Your favorite longboarding achievement is...
  7. Which kind of longboarding event would you prefer to attend?
  8. Why did you start longboarding?
  9. What's your opinion of hills?
  10. How many decks do you have?

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Quiz topic: Which Type Of Longboarder am I?