How much do you know about trucks?

Not a lot of people know much about trucks. Except of course truckers and enthusiasts. Those who do will find this quiz relatively simple. Those who don't will have to use pure luck to guess correctly.

How much do you know about trucks? Take this short quiz to find out. Your friends might be amazed as to how much you know. And if you fail, it's ok. You just need to research more or find another interest. So what are you waiting for, begin.

Created by: Felipe

  1. Which company created the W900?
  2. Who owns Freightliner?
  3. Of the following, which was established first?
  4. Who owns Mack?
  5. What year was the Cascadia introduced
  6. Who makes the ISX 15 engine?
  7. Peterbilt and Kenworth are part of?
  8. Prostar, Durastar, and Workstar are made by?
  9. Which is the most common type of engine found on most trucks
  10. Western Star makes how many models as of 2016?
  11. Last question: The W900, 379, and Classic are made by these three companies respectively.

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about trucks?