What sport best fits you?

There are several talented athletes out there, I am one. I'm a basketball player, and the first one in my family for generations. I think anyone can accomplish a sport if they put their mind to it, would you?

Are you athletic? Of course you would 100% know, right? WRONG! There are secrets about you that you're unaware of, so when you make that famous shot, you then will discover it, whether it's in a game, or taking this quiz.

Created by: Marla Stewart

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  1. What sports ball can you handle the most?
  2. How fast can you respond when the ball is passed to you?
  3. What are your strongest muscles?
  4. You are on a varsity team, you close your eyes, and on a table in front of you, there are 6 different uniforms for 6 different sports. According to your interests, what uniform would you try on?
  5. You want to play sports, but you feel you don't have the ability, (So let's play fantasy for this question) a wizard puts six goblets in front of you, which do you drink?
  6. What is the closest time you can run 1 mile? This will help determine what sport you'd get depending on your running talents.
  7. Black and Orange? Brown and White? Black and Ice blue? Blue and Gold? White? White and Red?
  8. Where do you like to hang out? Gym? Open Field? Football Field? Public baseball field?
  9. Net? Basket? Goal? Touchdowns? Skates? Bat and helmet?
  10. What would you rather look like after a game?
  11. By winning which of the following sports would you be most proud of yourself for?

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