How Triathlon Are You?

Quiz Image invites you to see how much of a triathlete you are. Triathlon is a way of life and this will show you how much it is taking over your life.

Are you ready for Ironman? Are you happy working away at getting faster in the Olympic races? Are you starting out with Sprint races? Or are you new to the world that is going to take over your life?

Created by: John-Paul Ashton
  1. What percetage of your wardrobe is Lycra?
  2. How many hours have you trained for this week?
  3. Do you skip red lights on your bike?
  4. Do you follow the Brownlee brothers on Twitter or Facebook - trying to pretend they are your friend?
  5. What's the earliest you have ever got up to do a training session?
  6. How many race T shirts do you have in your house?
  7. Have your worn a recovery outfit under your work clothes during the day?
  8. If someone calls you Tubbs, are you secretly pleased as they were listening about your new wheel set?
  9. How many bikes do you own?
  10. Have you ever thought, "How do I get more Aero?"

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Quiz topic: How Triathlon am I?