How well do you know suite life on deck?

Many people watch disney channel every single day and they enjoy it. Although, there is a show called the suite life on deck. And if you watch it, you will see how much you know about it!

Do you know much about the suite life on deck? Do you love tho watch this show? Until now, you can only wonder. But thanks to this, in. A matter of minutes, you will find out!

Created by: Eliza
  1. What is Cody martin's real name?
  2. What animal is ms. T addicted to buying?
  3. Where does Bailey Pickett come from?
  4. Who is Zack's room ate?
  5. Who does Marcus have a crush on?
  6. What is Zack and Cody's dad's name?
  7. What is mr. Mosbey's first name?
  8. Did London graduate?
  9. What song did Jordin Sparks sing in the episode "Crossing Jordin"?
  10. Who plays Bailey picket?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know suite life on deck?