What tv series are you?

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So see what you will end up with. Find a tv show that suits you. Answer these questions and they will tell you what show is your life from a range of shows.

So what is your life like. What will your future be. Take this quiz and find out both. If you want to know what your personality is like or what career you want finding out the tv show that matches you is the way to go.

Created by: america
  1. How emotional are you? (1 been not much and 10 been really)
  2. How dramatic are you?(1 been low and 10 been high)
  3. What your favourite type of film?
  4. How strong would you say you were? (emotionally)
  5. Chose your favorite lyrics...
  6. Are you musically talented? (HONESTLY!!!!!!)
  7. Do you think a tv series is better if it means something and reflects a lot on life?
  8. how many deaths should a good series have?
  9. Whats your fave name out of...
  10. Whats your dream job out of...

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Quiz topic: What tv series am I?