Friends Trivia Quiz

This quiz is about the tv series Friends. It will show how much you know from having watched all ten series and rate how much of a fanatic you are. You will see how much you need to know to become a fanatic of Friends.

Based on how many questions you get right you will be told what character you are. It works up to you becoming the entire cast of friends which shows you really know your stuff.

Created by: Taylor

  1. In the pilot, which character enters Central Perk weariing a Wedding Dress?
  2. In the one with the holiday armadilo which character dresses as Superman?
  3. Which character is a twin?
  4. Which characters arm wrestle at a Halloween party?
  5. Chandler wants which band at his wedding to Monica?
  6. Where do Joey's parents live?
  7. Which friend went out with a scientist?
  8. What siblings does Rachel have?
  9. Ross once dated a student, what was her name?
  10. Which actor plays the stripper at Phoebe's bachelorette party?
  11. What was the name of Rachel's coworker that Ross was insanely jealous of?
  12. What are the names of Frank jrs triplets?
  13. What is the name of Chandler's annoying roomate who won't leave?
  14. Who found out that they had been mugged by Phoebe as a child?
  15. At the end of which series does Rachel give birth to Emma?
  16. Joey once auditioned for the butt double of which actor?
  17. Which Friends are brother and sister?
  18. Which Friend ends up walking out of a restaurant with a toilet door wearing only underwear?

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