How well do you know your Friends?

Friends was one of the most-watched and best-loved sitcoms of the last 20 years. Were you a fan? Did the world stop for you for half an hour every Thursday evening? Or were Chandler, Joey, Monica, Phoebe, Rachel and Ross just shades in your cultural background?

Why not take this fun quiz and find out? We'll take you on a journey into uncharted waters of Friends trivia, and find out how much you know. Which Friend do you match up to? Let's get started.

Created by: mrbostock

  1. When Monica and Rachel lost their apartment to Chandler and Joey, how did they get it back?
  2. Which of the following was NOT one of the methods Chandler used to try to break up with Janice?
  3. What was Phoebe's grandmother's occupation?
  4. The building where Monica, Rachel, Chandler and Joey lived was on the corner of which streets?
  5. The first time Rachel saw Joey in a play, what historical figure was he portraying?
  6. How did Rachel find out about Monica and Chandler's affair?
  7. Which of the following activities did the gang NOT spy on Ugly Naked Guy doing?
  8. After Ross slept with Chloe, the girl from the copy shop, who told Rachel?
  9. How many times did Ross get divorced?
  10. After getting married, Monica and Chandler discovered that they couldn't have children. Why?
  11. What was Rachel's middle name?
  12. To make ends meet when he couldn't get acting work, what unusual job did Joey do?
  13. Chandler was a reformed smoker, but got back into the habit several times during the course of the show. What caused him to backslide the first time?
  14. What dark secret from Ross's childhood did Monica reveal to the gang?
  15. Why was Chandler not happy about having one of Frank Jr's children named after him?
  16. What item of clothing led to a disastrous date for Ross?
  17. What happened after one of Phoebe's clients died on the massage table?
  18. Many famous faces were seen on 'Friends' over the years. Which of the following guest stars did NOT appear as her/himself?
  19. When did Rachel get her nose job?
  20. During a police ride-along, a shot rang out and Joey appeared to throw himself across Ross to protect him. What was he actually doing?
  21. What two foods was Ross allergic to?
  22. How did Monica explain being able to afford a Manhattan loft apartment on a sous-chef's wages?
  23. Before she found out the truth, where did Phoebe believe her father was?
  24. When he reached sexual maturity, which of the following did Marcel the monkey NOT hump?
  25. What effect did the Barbados climate have on Monica?
  26. What did Rachel name the sphinx cat she briefly acquired?
  27. When he was a kid, Ross drew comic books as a hobby. Who was his superhero protagonist?
  28. On their road trip to Vegas, where did Joey abandon Chandler after he got upset with him?
  29. The chick and the duck didn't really have names. But what did Chandler call the chick when Joey first brought it home?
  30. When Monica dated Richard, the guys thought he was pretty cool and wanted to be like him. So Joey tried smoking cigars and Chandler grew a mustache. What did Ross do?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my Friends?