Motocross History

This is a test on the history of motocross and supercross. Ranging from the time motocross was born to now. Test you knowledge on the riders, bikes, and events that made motocross what it is today.

Do you think you know motocross history? Find out here. But don't expect it to be easy. If you don't eat, breath, and sleep motorcycles, don't expect to do all that great on this quiz.

Created by: MetalMan1011
  1. Motocross originated from a British off-road event called__________.
  2. Off-road motorcycle racing after WWII was dominated by which motorcycle company?
  3. In 1970, which Japanese Factory claimed the first 250cc World Championship for Japan?
  4. When was the 125cc class introduced
  5. The first Supercross race was held at Los Angeles Coliseum in what year?
  6. Who was the first rider to win every major AMA National Motocross Title?
  7. Which rider nearly lost his career when he broke his leg in 12 places water skiing?
  8. The only two riders to win a 500cc AMA Supercross Championship are____________.
  9. The "Motocross des Nations" was formed in what year?
  10. The USA's longest winning streak at the MXDN was how many years?
  11. "Full-Floater" was trademarked by what manufacturer?
  12. Jeremy McGrath took second place in the AMA 1990 125cc West Championship behind who?
  13. Jeremy McGrath holds the record for AMA Supercross victory's, how may?
  14. Jeremy McGrath started the freestyle motocross era by executing what trick?
  15. Jeff Emig was dropped by Team Kawasaki for what?
  16. Doug Henry won the Las Vegas Supercross in 1997 on the first modern four-stoke motocross bike, what was it?
  17. The last years of the KX500 and CR500 were what?
  18. When did Ricky Carmichael made his pro debut?
  19. In 2005 Carmichael won the first AMA Supercross Championship for Suzuki since__________?
  20. Ricky retired after winning his last race in the AMA Toyota Motocross series at__________.

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