How much do u know about motocross ?

There are many people out there who think they know about motocross but really they dont know anything so maybe if you got a low score you can go out there and learn what you need to know and im shore you will be alot more confident in yourself

and also its not any good if you know all about rules and regulations but you dont know how to ride the bike fast... so to back up what you know or what you have learnt get out there and keep practicing whenever you can so you can be one of the best one day

Created by: jamie

  1. Which is the youngest age you are aloud to start motocross ?
  2. In the inter 100's class , youths race 85cc 2 stroke machines...what cc machine is also raced in the inter 100's class that is four stroke ?
  3. In the inter 85 class you can race the same bikes as in the inter 100's class but what is the one thing that is different ?
  4. Stefan Everts is the 12 times mx1 champion ... where is he from ?
  5. What is the Age you can move up to a full size machine ?
  6. Once you have mooved up to a 125cc class what are the other 2 bikes you can ride ?
  7. In a senior Race (125cc) how long Are the races ?
  8. Y.M.S.A is a motorcycling insurance fund ... but what does it stand for ?
  9. What is the biggest bike you can ride for a low league club
  10. What are the quickest standard 250f's

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