What WotES Class am I?

There are ten (10) different classes in W.o.t.E.S. (World of the Elemental Souls) Complete this quiz to find out what class match you most. Unless you want to pick on your own.

This quiz is just for fun. There are 10 Classes, over 10 Race Types and a special, most powerful Class-Race Type. Human. A regular human with no bonus ability. Weakest Class/Race, but when at a vary high level (Will take for ever) Become a Divine.

Created by: Kevin Garcia

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What way of fighting you prefer. 1 of the most important question.
  2. Choose one.
  3. Select a melee weapon.
  4. Choose another weapon.
  5. Train with...
  6. Train again, but with...
  7. Rather work where?
  8. Hobby?
  9. How you fight?
  10. Give a boost?
  11. Give a Boost.
  12. Pick 1.

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