Which Warrior Class Are You?

Which Warrior class are You?? Are you a melee/ close combat fighter? Are you gunner? Or are you a wizard or archer find out here. Each result will lead to another quiz.

Each result quiz will explain which warrior in your category you are. Then those quizzes may lead into one or two more. It depends if I feel like making more this is quiz part1.

Created by: NampaNinja777
  1. Your going to war against several demonic creatures. You don't exactly know to expect you just know you it will be a heck of a war. What special armor part will you bring to battle?
  2. Now for a classic. Pick a color combo.
  3. Pick the most appealing meal.
  4. Something makes you extremely mad, your eyes change color. What color are your eyes in battle?
  5. Pick an ability.
  6. Pick your favorite quote here.
  7. Lastly pick a name or title?
  8. Pick a cool place to visit?
  9. Pick the fight you'd prefer to be in if you had fight.
  10. Pick the singer or band you like the most.

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Quiz topic: Which Warrior Class am I?