What Kind Of Motocross Rider Are You?

This is the Dirtbike Quiz so if you dont ride dont try. THIS IS only FOR DIRTBIKERS!!!!!!!!! Anyways remember ride hard, grip it and rip it!!! keep it on two wheels and never stop riding

Good Luck. If you live in wyoming hit me up maybe we could go rip it up. anyways good luck on the quiz and if you cant answer something call a friend, call a motocross shop, be creative and win!!!!!

Created by: Josh
  1. In motocross terms, what would 250 mean?
  2. What is the trick called "The Stripper?"
  3. What is required at all motocross and/or supercross races?
  4. What gear is worn by all dirtbike riders?
  5. What do you have to do to perforn the Lazy Boy trick?
  6. What does AMA stand for?
  7. Which is not a dirtbike brand?
  8. What dirkbike gear brand is abrieveated by TLD?
  9. What dirtbike brand is Yellow?
  10. What dirtbike brand is Blue?
  11. What Professional motocross rider's number is 7?
  12. What Professional Motocross riders number is 118?
  13. How Many Exhaust pipes does honda's new 250's and 450's have?
  14. What dirtbike brand is orange?
  15. What channel are most motocross races televised on?
  16. If your bike isnt running at top speed what should you do to adjust it to the elevation?
  17. Its the last lap and your in 2nd place. Your 2 bike lengths behind the leader. What does a real racer do?
  18. Which of the following is a good artist to listenin to when you ride?

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of Motocross Rider am I?