Practise Driver's Quiz -00100-

There are many drivers, But do they know what they are doing? This quiz is to refresh your driving skills. Find out if you should be on the road or not! The answers are simple and easy. Near the end when you submit your answers are TALLIED and will bring ou a final result* Good Luck!

Are you a great driver? "even just a good driver" Well refresh your Driving Skills with this quiz. Find out if your built for the road with this 13 question quiz. There short simple questions, And easy answers. Good~Luck your score will be tallied at the end. For your final result

Created by: Practise-Driving

  1. Be cautious of large vehicles backing-up Because :
  2. Your driving, and you come to a steady flashing RED light. This is indicating :
  3. When can you make a right turn at a Red light?
  4. Which of the following is NOT a condition of a learner's class (-7-)
  5. Hydroplaning can cause your vehicle to skid. The term "hydroplaning" means:
  6. A white diamond marking in a lane means :
  7. You are required by law to notify Alberta Registries of a name and /or address change within :
  8. Is a motor vehicle operator permitted to back a vehicle into an intersection or a crosswalk in an urban area (city, town or village)?
  9. What is the best way to ensure that there is no vehicle or cyclist in your blind spot?
  10. Do not park your vehicle :
  11. When exiting from a highway, slow down :
  12. As a learner with a Class 7 license, you are not permitted to drive a car between the hours of:
  13. A 'Bus' is defined as a motor vehicle that is designed to have a seating capacity of more than:

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