How Detroit U think U R?

I feel like there are true Detroiter's out there who actually know about our city. Then you have those people who claim that they are from Detroit, and don't know much about it at all, so this quiz will help rule out the true Detroit people from those wanna be's!

If you say you know Detroit then feel free to take this quiz, to see how well you really know it and if your score is good enough then please represent the Big D!!!!!!!

Created by: Joann of feeling_young
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  1. Where is Mexican Town located?
  2. Where did Detroit Lions play football prior to the Silverdome & Ford field?
  3. Who was Dennis Archer?
  4. What county is Southwest Detroit in?
  5. Which are the Latin Count Gang colors ?
  6. What was Detroit's very own amusement park called?
  7. Where is the most popular summertime hangout?
  8. What is the name of the Canada Bridge?
  9. What is Detroit's nickname?
  10. How many Casino's are located in Downtown Detroit?
  11. Where is the most popular place to go after the bar/club?
  12. What is the name of the place known for it's GAS burgers?

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