Who's Your Tiger?

If you are a Tiger Baseball fan and you have a Tiger, this quiz is for you. Answer a series of questions to help you find your favorite Detroit Tiger player!

Go Detroit Tigers! Answer a set of questions pertaining to the 2007 Detroit Tigers players. If you already know who your Tiger is, take the quiz and show the world on your web site.

Created by: Tom
  1. Whats the most important posistion on the baseball diamond?
  2. Whats the most important trait for a hitter?
  3. Whats more important in a pitcher?
  4. Who is your Tiger out of the following?
  5. Who's your Tiger?
  6. What posistion does Magglio Ordonez play?
  7. Who's nickname is "Pudge"?
  8. Which Tiger is a pitcher?
  9. What race is your Tiger?
  10. Which Tiger is your least favorite?

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Quiz topic: Who's my Tiger?