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  • I got London

    I've always wanted to go there
    cool quiz and nice options
    ten stars from me

    Happy AJ Apr 5 '13, 1:04PM
  • I got Paris, but you should not make wrong assumptions of Parisians. They are NOT smelly and happen to be cleaner than the average American. Parisians smelling bad is just a stupid wrong stereotype stupid americans make, like in the 1800s when whites thought they were better than african-americans. Please get your facts straight next time before you write it. Thanks :)

    ~~Just trying to make the world a fair and just place~~

    Christs Child Jun 26 '10, 10:18PM
  • Umm im not too fond of london. too rainy & fog. it will mess up my hair.U should have put more cities but cool quiz :)

    Cali100 Jul 28 '09, 2:46PM
  • New York City? Cool my friend lives in New York lol

    Carri04 Jun 30 '09, 3:43PM
  • i got london i think its a nice place. awesome quiz

    James Bond 007 Jun 30 '09, 1:09AM
  • i got london i think its a nice place awesome quiz

    James Bond 007 Jun 30 '09, 1:07AM
  • What city should you live in?
    Your Result: London

    London is a huge city and one of the most famous in the world. It has a large city feel, and great entertainment! Have fun enjoying one of the many great cities in the world!

    Costa Rica
    New York City
    Los Angeles

    sure london is good, but i don't know how to speak thier language very good, i'd rather stay where i live or live near the ocean.

    x aka mrlq x Jun 29 '09, 5:30PM
  • Col, I got Costa Rica then LA. I'm from California so I was hoping Anaheim would be there which is near where I live.

    Bambi Jun 29 '09, 12:53PM
  • I got Miami?

    I wanna live in New York!

    Netto PP Jun 21 '09, 12:00AM

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