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  • I live on long island.

    unstopablepanda3 Aug 18 '14, 12:53PM
  • I got Brooklyn!

    PopcornRaven May 19 '14, 5:24PM
  • Your Result: Manhattan 92%
    You like the big city feel! Tall buildings, Central Park and Fairway are 3 things that no person from Manhattan can do without. The most active Borough, Manhattan is the Center of the World!


    Lady_Winchester Apr 22 '14, 2:20PM
  • 1 of the questions resulted in your answer. I got Bronx and that's what I got

    BreeTanner95 Apr 9 '13, 9:14PM
  • LOL i got Manhattan and it's funny because that's where i was born and raised but then my mom moved!!!!

    Drew12 Aug 15 '12, 9:08AM
  • I didn't have to take the quiz to find out Manhattan is where I should live. Half my life was spent there and I wish the other half was, too.

    motibutton Feb 3 '12, 12:21PM
  • Brooklyn! Hell yeah man, that's where my future husband is from!

    honoshikun Jan 29 '12, 7:33AM
  • Bronx!! Yeah, near the yankee stadium!! Go yanks!!! My boyfriend is a hucge fan of the yanks. CHECK OUT MY QUIZZES.

    Depressed 07 Dec 11 '11, 9:06PM
  • Yup, I live in queens (Astoria), you got it right! lol

    Paulette Nov 26 '11, 9:48AM
  • The Bronxx (; Lmfao, i live in suffolk county &i wanna live in the Bronx or Manhattan when i grow up ;DD

    NikkiSaysHolla Oct 5 '11, 12:28PM
  • I got Bronx, and I live there as well. Btw...OMG, HOW DO U KNO I LIVED UN CO-OP CITY!??!!!!?????!!! !

    smartgirl115 Aug 27 '11, 8:37PM
  • statin island!

    Theskullcrusher Jul 20 '11, 8:49PM
  • I got Brooklyn! YESSS!:)

    Yumazing Jul 17 '11, 10:14PM
  • satan island. whatever. i hated this quiz. i actually hate every quiz on gotoquiz.com except quizzes that i make :)

    ~1800iluvpopc orn~

    1800iluvpopcorn Jun 21 '11, 1:48PM
  • State isand. Hooray

    Pretender Mar 3 '11, 9:29PM
  • Manhatten lol my best guy friend lives there

    Carri04 Jul 18 '09, 10:16PM
  • I got Manhattan


    Netto PP Jul 18 '09, 12:45PM

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