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How well do you really know Kingston-Upon-Hull? It is a hidden city with a hidden culture; so its worth it to check it out a bit. Having good knowledge of this city is the key to increasing its foot fall.

Have a shot at this quiz and get your result. You will be told what you have to do to improve your knowledge. Once you have completed the task, keep coming back to re-take the quiz until you reach as score of 84%-100% where you will be sent on a mission. The result from there is how you make it.

Created by: Karl Turner MP
  1. What animal did poet Philip Larkin have put into a trail in his memory?
  2. Which of these is a shopping centre in the city?
  3. What street in the city can you find a McDonalds?
  4. What is the name of the gate which once protected the city from invasion?
  5. What train company owns Hull Paragon Interchange?
  6. What subject does the University of Hull specialise in?
  7. Which of these is a former train station in the city?
  8. What is the main river called in the city in which the 5th largest single-span suspension bridge spans?
  9. Which of these shops is NOT located at Kingswood Retail Park?
  10. How many crowns are in the Hull City Council logo?
  11. In what year is the city of culture award taking place in which Hull has been nominated?
  12. Which of these is a festival in Hull occurring every September?
  13. MP Graham Stuart from the area of Hull and Holderness is a member of which political party?
  14. Hull is famous for being the only city in the country to have what coloured telephone boxes?
  15. P&O operate ferries nightly from King George Dock but where do the ferries go?
  16. Who are the two main companies providing bus transport in the city?
  17. What council estate in Hull is the 3rd largest in western Europe?
  18. What is the main event in Hull every October?
  19. Castle Hill Hospital specialises in what research department?
  20. Where does Stagecoach In Hull service 15 go?

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