Are You Obsessed With Zuko?

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Lots of people watch anime, specifically: Avatar the Last Airbender. Now, whoever watches it MUST know who Zuko is.

Are you a Zuko fan? Or have a MAJOR obsession with him, like me? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: zukoismylife

  1. Where does Zuko originally come from?
  2. What is Zuko's father, mother, sister, and uncle's names?
  3. Which element can Zuko bend?
  4. Who is Zuko's girlfriend?
  5. In which episode does Zuko join the Avatar gang?
  6. How did Zuko get his scar?
  7. Where do Zuko and his Uncle open a tea shop?
  8. In chapter 20, part 3: Into the Inferno, Zuko challenges his sister to what?
  9. Zuko's eyes are the color:
  10. Zuko meets who on a ship to Ba Sing Se?
  11. In the episode: Bato Of the Water Tribe, who does he hire to track down Aang?
  12. Who is the first person to touch Zuko's scar in the series?
  13. What is the original source of all Fire Bending?
  14. Zuko's voice actor is:
  15. Zuko's beach house is located in:
  16. What is the name of Zuko's alter ego?
  17. The Tea Shop Zuko works at is called:
  18. Which general tries to capture the Avatar before Zuko? (p.s. he actually does, but Zuko's alter ego frees Aang)
  19. In which Avatar mini-short does (chibi)Zuko try to win over(chibi) Katara?
  20. How would you describe Zuko?
  21. Where does Zuko first meet the Avatar?
  22. Why does Zuko have to capture the Avatar?
  23. On his way to join the Avatar, he uses what transportation device?
  24. What animal does Zuko steal and use for transportation?
  25. What are the three main colors Zuko uses as a casual Fire Nation look?
  26. If Zuko couldn't Firebend, what would be his choice of weapon?
  27. If Zuko could choose to take one family member into battle with him, who would it be?
  28. What punchline from his uncle's joke did he try to tell the Avatar gang in the episode "the Southern Raiders"
  29. Okays, it's getting late, and I'm tired, so...end of this quiz! Bye.

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