Are You Obsessed With Twilight?

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There are many twilight fans, but only a selective few who have the right to call themselves obsessed. Do you? This quiz will test you on the things most fans skim over when reading!

Are YOU obsessed with Twilight? At the moment, your probably thinking "Why, yes, I do consider myself obsessed" Well, why don't we take this quiz and see, hmm?

Created by: Lydia
  1. How many newborns did Maria's army originally have?
  2. "It's a pity you couldn't replace my will with your own in the process; perhaps then you would have been satisfied with me." Who said it?
  3. Order from youngest to oldest:
  4. Midnight sun...
  5. "Wouldn't want our precious parasites taking unnecessary chances." Who said it?
  6. What were Victoria and James doing, before coming to Forks?
  7. In what book did Rosalie tell Bella about her past?
  8. How many times did Bella kiss Jacob?
  9. What is Bella's Grandmother's name?
  10. How many Humans has Rosalie killed in her... Life?
  11. "Hey, vampire girl!" Who said it?
  12. What does blood smell like to Bella (as a human)
  13. Bella: "Should I be afraid?" Edward: "Terrified" What are they talking about?
  14. What is Rosalie's middle name?
  15. What year was Emmett born, and turned?
  16. Which of the following characters have never had their middle name revealed?
  17. Where did Esme live in her human life?

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