How well do you know band/music .

Their are many band people out there but do they all understand the little basics of band ? Can you identify the elements of music ? Are you a band geek ?

Do YOU have the knowledge of a bandsmate ? There's only one way to find out whether you are the band kid that listens or the kid that guesses . band seems fun but do you have the knowledge to be in the game ?

Created by: Brianna zabawa of bandquiz
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  1. What clef do low brass read?
  2. What is the pyramid approach to ensemble balance ?
  3. Why does the instructor say "concert" in front of a letter ?
  4. What is pep band music ?
  5. What note does concert b flat begin with ?
  6. What's the staff ?
  7. What's the time signature ?
  8. What's a bar line ?
  9. Where is f on the tremble clef?
  10. What instrument is the foundation of the band ?
  11. What is a staccato?
  12. How long is a quarter rest in common time ?
  13. What are sharps or flats found in the music that isn't in the key signature ?
  14. What's a tie ?
  15. What is sight reading ?
  16. What's the tempo ?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know band/music .