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  • Nikt Junior
    Nope, is it bad?
  • FreeFredom Newbie
    No she for me is a GREAT singer and some of the songs u should listen too are Shower and Break a Sweat
  • Nikt Junior
    Ok I'll find them
  • Nikt Junior
    Well, I have to admit that I don't listen to pop anymore but still, the only reason I didn't suddenly stand up & start dancing is that it's the middle of the night & I'm supossed to sleep (my own order -_-)

    Btw, since today we're arleday in pop, I'll recommendd you Indila - last time I listened to her (1.5 year ago?) she had some nice songs with meaningful lyrics :3 Actually, I started to listen to music a lot (like, A LOT) because of her...

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    IHLAOY Experienced
    Boy, the Becky g was just awful.

    Anyway, here's some Toh Kay. Did anyone catch his 2013 album? It's got some seriously good songs on it. 'Your Day Will Come' and 'Any Sort of Certainty' are the best tracks on there.

    Streetlight Manifesto did 'The Hands That Thieve' better though, along with 'Toe to Toe.'

    What's all your favourite tracks from 'Hands That Thieve,' and do you prefer Toh Kay or his band?
  • FreeFredom Newbie
    Nikt-I'll look it up....
    Yeah they are GREAT songs and another catchy one is PROBLEM (the monster remix)

    IHLAOY-She's not that bad...
    His band
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    IHLAOY Experienced
    Yea, I can see that. His band was really how I found out about him the first place. Toh Kay just brings out this slow, melancholic sound that fits some of his songs better though. It's just so hard to find a good, modern ska band these days. Tally Hall was pretty good, but I'd describe them as more electronic than ska, and then they disbanded.

    I think one of them might be in a mental hospital, how crazy is that?

    Speaking of, what's your favourite villain song? I swear, if it's some Disney bulls---.
    I'm personally hooked on 'Kick it up a Notch' from the play 'Starship.' It really has that build up that I like.
  • FreeFredom Newbie
    IHLAOY- I know right! I'n almost everymovie there is a song.... I hate those villian songs though...
    Uhhh and in MOST movies there is kissing... I HATE THAT!
  • Luv myself 2 Newbie
    If I was junior, I would be posting links, but I am not.
  • Nikt Junior
    So, I can't think of any villian songs right now, but yes, they are SO ANNOYING... Well, unless it's a good song, I heard a few but I don't remember where

    (Luv myself 2 you can always just put lotzz of spaces in random places so gtq will show it or you can just tell us what to google ^u^ )

    Btw I'm listening to Rise Against "Behind closed doors" right now & I keep hearing "but all they see is Jesus" -_- It just sounds funny for me, you can find this song so you'll know what I mean
  • Nikt Junior
    & I just heard "because my swollen gums" wtf?! I think I'll better find the lyrics...
  • FreeFredom Newbie
    Luv myself 2 you are not allowed in here cause you aren't Luv myself unless luv myself says sooo

    Yeah some of the villian songs have the devil and ME NO LIKE THAT....

    yeah they need better lyrics....

    Hey like the songs/bands u posted eariler
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    IHLAOY Experienced
    What? How can you hate a good villain song? They're snappy, they're emotional, they're well written. Most of the time they're the best part of the movie.

    Just listen to 'Kick it up a Notch,' it's a masterpiece.

    Or even Hellfire. Hellfire is one of the best.
  • FreeFredom Newbie
    hellfire I hate.... Sorry

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