What should be your style? ^u^ (based on personality)

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I hope you like my quiz :3 The pictures are just a few that I found in the depths of the internet & that I really liked & I don't own them. The results are based on what I think, you can always disagree with me. But don't hate, we don't have to argue. ^u^

Insert a random monkey eating a chocolate dinosaur who is dancing on a purple duck who is killing evil ants who try to steal bananas from the fridge :3

Created by: Nikt
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  1. Hiii! It's Nikt ^u^ How are you? :3
  2. First 4 questions have no effect. Let's start, this time with effect ^u^
  3. QuestionWithEffect1: Witch of these is most like you?
  4. QuEsTiOnWiThEfFeCtNuMbErTwO: the famous question - what is your favourite colour? :3
  5. .QWE3:.favourite.kind.of.sweets?.^u^.
  6. A Next One: You Like To.....
  7. thelastonethatcounts:whichoneoftheseismostlikeyou->relationswithothers
  8. So, that's enough questions for me to tell you your result ^u^
  9. As you might notice, this quiz was a little different than my other quizzes :3 That's because I wanted to try something new ^u^ The results are simpler that my usual, too.
  10. If you like to (& I'd be really happy if you do :3) you can tell me in comments wich 'type' of quizzes you like better: this one or my other quizzes :3 I'd also be very happy if you rate ^u^ Baiii! ^u^

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Quiz topic: What should be my style? ^u^ (based on personality)