What David Bowie song are you?

David Bowie's expanding genre and style of music make for an interesting personality mapping technique, hence this quiz. Plus, I really wanted to analyze my take on some of my favourite Bowie songs.

I've based the typing off of my personal interpretations, the motivations of the narrator in the song, and the stylistic and instrumental choices. Sorry if you don't agree with a depiction of any song, this was meant to be based off of my opinion, not solid fact. Enjoy!

Created by: mercutihoe

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  1. What is your favourite way to live?
  2. if you could change anything, what would you change?
  3. Are you extroverted or introverted?
  4. What is the most prominent colour in your outfit right now?
  5. What is your temperament?
  6. Which Bowie is your favourite Bowie?
  7. If you could only listen to music that contains one specific instrument for the rest of your life, what instrument would you pick?
  8. You can hear whatever you want to hear right now. What do you hear?
  9. What is the meaning of life?
  10. Is spontaneity a pro or a con?
  11. Are you materialistic?
  12. Pick the most appealing word:

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Quiz topic: What David Bowie song am I?