What hair colour should you have? (by Nikt)

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Do you want to dye your hair some crazy colour? Yes? Then you came to the right place! No? You can take it anyway, just for fun =^u^= I hope you'll have fun :3

But before we start, you must know that this quizzy thingy is based mostly on what I think a certain hair colour could represent :3 And I've got pretty creative imagination, so of coursse I made a whole personalities =^w^= So, datzz it ^u^ I'll shuttup now ^w^ (PS it would be sooo nice if you 'like' my site on FB... Thanks anyway

Created by: Nikt of Finding Our Broken City Sky
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  1. Hii, it's Nikt =^w^= First of all, you need to know that I made this quiz just for fun, but if you want you can take my 'advice' ^u^ (but remember that this thing is based mostly on my crazy imagination & it's rather for girls & results are emo/scene & unnatural colours, just because I love this kind of hairstyles :3 ) Have fun ^u^
  2. Ok, let's start :D The oh-so-loved question: what's your favourite colour? (out of these)
  3. Your hairstyle must be...? =^u^=
  4. Meow meow =^u^=
  5. Time for the big test!! WHEN I WAS...
  6. Ok that "big test" has no effect on your result. I just had to...
  7. Btw, last question HAS effect on your result (see what I did there? ^u^ ) But back to questions, what's your fave thingy to do? :3
  8. Witch one are you most like? :3
  9. Last question: favourite animal? :3
  10. So... I guess that's all 3: I hope you liked it & had lotz of fun ^u^ It would be really nice if you 'like' my site on FB I made a while ago (the site is Finding Our Broken City Sky) :3 Thanks for taking my quiz!! Baiiiii Cuppycakies!!!

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Quiz topic: What hair colour should I have? (by Nikt)