I Can Guess Your Hair Colour

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Can I guess your hair colour in a few simple questions? I don't know if I can, but I will try. Maybe you are a blond or a redhead, or even a brunette.

Maybe you have natural highlights of another colour in your hair. Maybe you have black hair. Sorry if it's rubbish it's the first quiz I've done using this site.

Created by: Lily
  1. What do you like doing in the summer
  2. What's your favourite food?
  3. What's your favourite colour?
  4. Do you tan well
  5. What colour are your eyes?
  6. What's your favourite season?
  7. Do you like party's?
  8. How many friends do you have?
  9. What's your favourite genre of music?
  10. Finally, what's your hobby?

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Quiz topic: I Can Guess my Hair Colour