What Colour Are You Feeling Today?

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Okay so yes this is a colour quiz. And obviously since you clicked on my title you'd like to not have to read this and carry on with the quiz. But alas the price of all quizzes is actual work...

Now the questions are basic. I didn't go all out and/or physiological. There just simple ones that by the time your halfway through you'll already know your result. But have fun. I added a bit of a relief at the end and thanks for wanting to take my quiz.

Created by: Jack Attack 1995
  1. What colour you usually feel like?
  2. How are you feeling now?
  3. How stressed are you right now?
  4. How do feel about the stress? Good or bad?
  5. Okay so tell me about your life? How's it going?
  6. Did you cry earlier?
  7. Smile for me
  8. Sad or upset
  9. Happy or neutral.
  10. Thanx for taking my quiz. Your results are being typed up at this moment... Please hold.
  11. *elevator music comes on the line*
  12. --beep-- results next page. Please see the comment board or stars in order to experience all of this quiz.

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Quiz topic: What Colour am I Feeling Today?