What is YOUR hair type?

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Some people with natural hair go day to day without knowing their hair type and spending money on products that simply don't work. Our purpose at NaturallyMe is to help people with their hair, and to help them find their true selves in their hair, as well as saving them money by preventing them from buying products that don't work.

This quiz will help you find out your hair type, and if you visit our site we'll connect you to products that are made for your hair, and will help you during your natural hair journey.

Created by: Chandler Spaulding
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  1. What is something that your hair struggles with the most?
  2. Which of these best describes your hair?
  3. What happens to your hair when it's wet?
  4. Does your hair differ at the crown of your head?
  5. Does your hair maintain moisture well?
  6. Do you have shrinkage?
  7. Which of these describes your curls best?
  8. Which of these describes your hair width best?
  9. Does your hair tangle easily?
  10. Which of these describes your hair texture?

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Quiz topic: What is my hair type?