Am I taking proper care of my hair?

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Black hair is very unique, and requires a special type of TLC to keep it healthy and long. Are you taking the necessary steps to keep your afro-texture hair to its highest standard of health and beauty? Find out now!

This quiz will let you know if you are taking the necessary precautions to help your hair grow & stay healthy. This quiz's purpose is to make you aware of how you are treating you hair and to congratulate you are doing great & teach you how to take care of it you're not doing so well.

Created by: Karrington
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  1. Do you participate in protective styles at least five days a week?
  2. Do you wash and/or wet your hair every other day or at least three days a week?
  3. Do you perm your hair?
  4. How long is your hair?
  5. Do you like your hair?
  6. How often do you deep condition your hair?
  7. Do you have split ends?
  8. Does your hair curl at the ends?
  9. What is your hair type?
  10. Do you put heat on your hair very often?

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