Do you know the Top 10 foods for Healthy Hair?

Do you consider yourself a beauty genius? Do you know the best foods to eat in order to help you get the healthy hair that you have always wanted?

Take this FUN quiz to find out how much you know about healthy hair, it is full of interesting information. No matter your score, this quiz will set you on the right path to creating a health Beauty regimen!

Created by: Pink Entourage of Pink Entourage
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  1. What's the cold water fish that contains omega 3 fatty acids that benefit your hair?
  2. Which nut is best suited for hair health? It's not your in-law!
  3. Pick the richest zinc food for your hairs health!
  4. What sources of protein benefit your hair most?
  5. Which sources of Vitamin A nourish your hair?
  6. Which one is packed with Protein, Iron, Zinc & Biotin?
  7. Too Little Vitamin C in your diet can lead to hair breakage! Which one packs the C to nourish your hair?
  8. Which vitamin D rich food is responsible for hair follicle health?
  9. Folate, Folate & Folate! Which one is responsible for hair health?
  10. Do you know the big picture for healthy hair, skin & nails?
  11. Where do I find a beauty expert to help me create my look now that I know about healthy hair?

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Quiz topic: Do I know the Top 10 foods for Healthy Hair?