What is Your Hair Type?

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Women of Color have many different curl types, no one person is the same. Using questions we will hope to correctly help you identify your hair type and using that information will allow you to take care of your tresses.

Disclaimer, please do not use this quiz to put yourself below society's beauty standards. This quiz is just for information and will try its best to tell you what curl pattern you have to take care of your hair. You can definitely have more that one curl pattern! ENJOY! :)

Created by: KimAbbeyKem
  1. When your hair is dry with no product , which celebrity does your fro resemble?
  2. Does your hair often feel dry?
  3. How big are your curls?
  4. How would you describe the shape of one of your strands?
  5. Sheen or Shine?
  6. Does your hair retain moisture well?
  7. Coily or Curly?
  8. Go to Hairstyle?
  9. How often do you wash your hair?
  10. Can you finger detangle with little product and without pulling your hair too hard?

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Quiz topic: What is my Hair Type?