How well do you know your hair?

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There are so many ways to achieve the perfect head of hair, however we are bombarded with ideas, thoughts, products, pictures, and advice on how to achieve them. Sadly we often destroy our hair without meaning to. This quiz will determine where you stand on the fault line of healthy hair or help me hair

After taking this quiz it's important to remember that we only get one head of hair, take care of it, seek out stylists who take pride in their work, their knowledge, and their ability to share such knowledge with you.

Created by: Drew
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  1. When choosing a color for my hair, how many levels UP or DOWN do I want to go to give a more natural look?
  2. After a shower what is the quickest way to go about drying my hair to ensure it remains as healthy as possible?
  3. My hair looks frizzy and messy, even after I dried it and styled it, what product should I put in my hair to ensure that this doesn't happen?
  4. My hair has little to no shape or movement, I'm going to the salon and have no idea what to ask for. I don't want to lose any length but want style and movement what should I ask for?
  5. Someone told me that cold water is the best way to rinse out conditioner after a warm shower, is this true?
  6. My hair always gets frizzy and poofy in the summer, what should I be using for this problem?
  7. My flat iron seems to be burning my hair, I always make sure to leave some moisture in my hair after a shower to make sure it's not going to burn, why does my flat iron seem to be damaging my hair?
  8. I have no idea what brush to use to create curls in my hair, they all look the same to me. Which one should I use?
  9. I don't know what shampoos or conditioners to use, so I just go with what smells good, but my hair is brittle and feels dry. What should I be doing?
  10. My hair looks dull and lacks shine and luster like it did when I was younger. What can I do to make my hair look and appear healthy and feel better overall?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my hair?