Do we have the same taste in music?

First of all, I listen to 'more... intresting rock', as I call it, so if you're crazy about Bieber and 1D there's no point in you taking this quiz. Don't tell me I didn't warned you. This quiz will tell you if we like the same bands. Of course I wouldn't be my stupid self if I didn't write it the way I did.

So, enjoy me hating haters and laughing at my sister calling me 'emo' when all that's kind of 'emo' in me are my usual black skinny jeans. And it would be really awesome if you 'like'my site on fb, but I'll tell later about it.

Created by: Nikt

  1. One Direction (I can't believe ai put this question first)
  2. When I was...
  3. We scream we shout we are the fallen angels!!!
  4. Watch out, draculoids!!!
  5. I don't feel anything my mind tells me
  6. The devil in the mirror screaming that my heart is flawed I'm never gonna let you win!!!
  7. Is the hater gone? *starts singing* they only want you when you're gone of all the thruths the hardest one...
  8. By the way, questions were so far about 1: 1D (I still can't believe I did it), 2: My Chemical Romance, 3: Black Veil Brides, 4: MCR, 5: Too Close To Touch, 6: BVB, 7: Creeper
  9. Dear hater, go to hell for heaven's sake
  10. What about PTV
  11. Let's hang the jury you sick judgemental fools I'll bury you six feet deep cause I'm tired of your rules (with dedication for our hater)
  12. So, sometimes I listen to a little Fall Out Boy, Simple Plan, All Time Low, Hawthorne Heights and a few more too, but I'm not really into thier music (yet)...

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