Do you have good music taste?

this is pretty much a quiz that asks you twelve questions,ten pertaining to music.The reason?Well to see if you have an awesome taste in music.So do you like pop,jazz,metal,hard rock,electro,country,or even screemo? well i guess we'll just find out in my new quiz

Well I'd just like to say to my boyfriend Andrew,thank you for a wonderful 8 months and I gladly anticipate many more to come.I LOVE YOU!!!I cant even say how much i wish he was here right now.He lives about 21/2 hours away:(

Created by: meerkat
  1. out of these bands,which is your favorite?
  2. out of these artists,which do you prefer
  3. which of these is your favorite current song
  4. What makes your favorite songs your favorite
  5. pick which group annoys you most
  6. pick which group annoys you most
  7. what quality in you does your music reflect
  8. very random question,know any jehovahs witnessess?
  9. does your music make you
  10. can you do me a big favor and leave me a big pretty comment?

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Quiz topic: Do I have good music taste?