What does your taste in Vocaloid music say about you?

Have you ever wondered what your taste in Vocaloid music could possibly say about you? Now you can find out yAy.(depressed celebration noise) Hope you enjoy wasting your life.

Hope you don't get the results I know I have, because I am the definition of edgy and I can be classified as a mental, and my taste in music very clearly shows that.

  1. What is your favorite out of these songs listed?
  2. Do you think this quiz is stupid?
  3. Do you like Vocaloid or Utaloid better?
  4. Who is your favorite song writer for vocaloid?
  5. What song can you totally jam out to...
  6. Who do you like the most out of these listed?
  7. One more question... What do you feel about the song Nakakapagpabagabag? (insert evil laugh here) You can look it up if you want to.
  8. WELP, here is another question! Did you know that there was an anime based off a line of vocaloid songs, and would you ever consider watching Mekakucity actors?
  9. Who is your favorite cover artist?
  10. Do you like the Hatsune Miku Sonic module by SEGA?

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Quiz topic: What does my taste in Vocaloid music say about you?