What Variety of Anarchism are You Closest to?

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Are you an anarchist who can't seem to figure out which school of thought you belong to? Are you a non-anarchist who wants to know what kind of anarchist you have the most in common with? Then you have come to the right place!

This quiz, though likely flawed, is intended to at the very least give you an idea what anarchist school of thought you fall closest to. Note that this quiz does not account for things like anarcho-transhumanism, anarcho-pacifism, or green anarchism, as those are moreso tendencies within anarchism than their own schools of thought.

Created by: Jean-Louis David
  1. What is capitalism?
  2. The system of wage labor is exploitative and should be abolished.
  3. An ideal anarchist society would retain markets.
  4. Economically seceding from the corporate system is a viable tactic that anarchists should use.
  5. In an ideal society, money would be abolished.
  6. Who is the rightful owner of a given piece of land?
  7. In our current society, those who hold large amounts of wealth have generally earned it through their own efforts.
  8. Who is the greatest thinker out of these? Feel free to google them if you don't know who they are. I'll wait.
  9. What would you call your ideal economic system?
  10. Do you consider yourself part of the economic right-wing, left-wing, or center?

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Quiz topic: What Variety of Anarchism am I Closest to?