What Anarchist school of thought are you?

Anarchy exists in several forms, some anarchist school of thought center around voluntary action others capitalism or communism. This quiz is for everyone not just normal anarchists.

What type of Anarchist are you? Will you be a an cap or an com? Take the test to find what anarchist school of thought you belong in!!! (Not 100% accurate, you decide what you are ;)

Created by: Edward

  1. If government should be abolished, why would that be?
  2. Does your class, race, ethnicity, or gender have superior qualitys?
  3. What political movement (aside from anarchy) do you identify with?
  4. Where do you stand on economics
  5. Where are you on social issues?
  6. What is your political party
  7. What is your least favorite type of political group
  8. Should government be existing in the form of a millta
  9. Should a non oppressive government be allowed to exist
  10. Should currency and money exist?

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Quiz topic: What Anarchist school of thought am I?