Love can Bite part 3

Hi! This is part 3 of Love can Bite! I still think this is coming along well! La la la...taking up la la... comment at the end and give suggestions!

MUST READ!!! This is a GIRLS ONLY story quiz series. Plus if you haven't taken part 1 or 2, go take them! Dont forget what. I said either! Then you'd be just like my brother. ~Mistyheart13~

Created by: Mistyheart13

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  1. Recap: Jake comes n and says "Connor stop!"
  2. Connor stops and his eyes turn from grey to blue as Drakes spell loses effect...
  3. You r eyes stay gray but u cant move. Jake sends u a mnd mssage. 'Can u move?' he asks. 'No' u reply.
  4. He runs back downstairs and gets a candy thingie ma jiggie. He helps you eat it and you can move again.
  5. "thanks jake. " u reply. You gulp air. He laughs "your welcome" he says. Then he kisses you softly but passionetly. You kiss him back but when you need air you pushhim away. Btw connor left already.
  6. You 2 go downstairs and meet connor and tresten. You go out into the garden to start training.
  7. You gasp at the pain in your head and hear voices. Your eyes turn purple (dark) from pain. You fall to the ground and the guys run to u and are asking u over and over whats wrong. U try to tell them but you cant. Finally you blackout.
  8. CLIFFHANGER!!! I know it was short but ill try 2 make them longer... ill make part 4 as soon as i can!
  9. Do u like Lov can Bite?
  10. Please comment and give suggestions!

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