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  • I wasnt here for like a day so i never saw this series my apologies

    Ok: it has good plot, try not using texting language when writing (eg. U, hv, etc) it makes the readers feel like it's not serious, that they can just move ahead without reading everytthing, please more explanations and descriptions, and try not to rush it, even if some parts are boring it's all about patience and having fun, but good series

  • Yeah! I'm first to comment! I have an idea for you. What you could do is have like a story background of the guys as we (We as in all who are reading this amazing series) and learn about them. Then like the vampire that tried to us comes and then a epic battle happens! We try to kill him and in the end we all do! I know its sounds like any other but the battle could be like a war.

  • Darksoul: Thanks much!!!

    angelic4: Sorry bout that but im doing these from my nook so it wont let me !!! :(

    Wolfygirl: You read my mind!!! Just like Jake!!! Except the background story on the guys. You guyses suggestions are SAVING MY LIFE!!!

  • I love this series. Good job.

  • Vary good so I lug it

  • I like it!!

  • can't wait for part 4 :)


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