Love can Bite part 6

Hi! This is part 6 of Love can Bite! Sorry it took so long! Nobody did the contest so I didn't do it. Sorry! Also my internet was shut down and comcast wouldn't get us an appointment so thats why this is so late.

MUST READ: this is a GIRLS ONLY quiz!!! To hootie from school: if you are reading this that is also why i have not made this for so long! Stop taking my girls only guizzes! You are a boy!

Created by: Mistyheart13

  1. Recap: Bre is going to teach you how to hunt.
  2. "So lets start with some deer,OK?" Bre asks. "Sure" you reply. {Flash forward} After a sucsessful hunt you and Bre run into a seriously hot dudewho looked just like Tresten but with sea blue eyes. "Hi Blake!" Bre said. " Hi Bre. This must be Katie." "Yep thats me!" You say. "I am Trestens twin Blake" Then he stares all deep into your eyes.
  3. Then Blake gets a pained look in hs eyes and walks away quickly. You look at Bre who looks confuzed. Quickly you run after him. You spin to face him and ask "Blake whats wrong?"
  4. Blake just looks at you. Finally he says " dont remember me do you?" "What?" You ask. He just sweeps you into a kiss, one that is sweet but powerful at the same time. He teleports you bothinto his room. You realize you are in the part of the mansion no one is allowed in.
  5. You feel him push you into the wall and try to stable himself but he knocks some books off the shelf instead. You put your hands around his neck and he puts his around your waist but they endup on your toosh. He pulls you toward him, making there absolutely no space between you and him.
  6. You pull away "blake..." he stops "sorry" he says. He grabs your hand and teleports you into your room.
  7. Connor comes up to your room. "Hey Katie we're going to a party so get ready ok?" "Kay!" You reply. You get dressed.
  8. You guys get to the party and you see...
  9. Cliffhanger! Sorry it took so long! I will try to get part 7 out soon!
  10. Did you like part 6?

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