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  • Your Result: Popular 76%

    You're like totally into all kinds of fashion. Designer clothes. Maybe even your own clothing that you make! You like shopping and\or hanging out with friends. Your favorite color could be pink or other bright colors.

    BTW, sis, you aren't dark. You're all pink and fluffy and cute and unicorns and rainbows and whatever.

  • Your result: Unique 85%

    You are not like any other. You don't like all the rap music, you want to be yourself. This personality is so special because barely anyone in the world has it. You don't like how people turn good stuff bad and how the world is messed up!

    I was upset during it because there were so many options I wanted to pick!

  • Your Result: Shy 86%

    You have very few friends, or none at all. You probably like doing quiet stuff in your free time, like drawing or reading. You probably like to be a alone, or you're just truly too shy to talk much.

    Sounds true but I really like it that way. Others: Please post your results as well in the comments because it's fun to see what other people get as well.

    Remember Joy

  • Your Result: Scary 85%

    Dark. Bad---. Mean. Not exactly a bully, but most people probably fear and\or love and worship you. You would make a great leader and you most likely play a sport, or a lot of sports!


  • I thought you'd get beliver, Marcey! You should try to get believer to see what it says, that is probably most like you!

    If it is even a little like you, It is you. Shy is pretty good for you miscarried :D I'm shy too, even though I got smart... I'm actually shy and smart!

  • Emo,true I do like the emo and goth culture alot as well as the music style too but it doesn't mean I'm suicidal...not all emo are like that u know?

  • I got shy. Which I am sort of. Good quiz.

  • I got funny and sill but in the quiz you stole my " Heyo!" Thing lol but I don't mind it

    Marceline 101

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