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  • Halloween town.
    "Are we going to stop this Rp cause I was really looking forward to it)"
  • mareciline!
    ""Now just follow me I was on my way there anyways," she told him"
  • mareciline!
    ""I'll deal with him," she said with a smile putting out her hand to help toshiro up."
  • mareciline!
    ""Well...why don't you come stay at the shelter away from master and we can help you with anything you may need to get or get away from...?" ..."
  • mareciline!
    ""what's wrong?" Niki asked"
  • mareciline!
    ""So you are part two animals or creatures and human?""
  • mareciline!
    "Niki pulled up and image on her phone of her shelter and showed it to him," I've got a better and more fulfilling life for you at my shelter..."
  • mareciline!
    "" do you ever want to get away from "master"?""
  • "Meh in between"
  • Halloween town.
    "Teenagers: Name: Jackie Anderson Age: 15 Gender: male Sexual preference: straight Ethnicity: musician Lo"
  • mareciline!
    "" what does he do when he is mad?" She asks before taking out her cell phone."
  • mareciline!
    "" does he make you call him master?" Niki asked"
  • mareciline!
    ""Who is your master?" She asked kneeling down next to him."
  • "Kyle buried hereafter into her knees."
  • mareciline!
    ""M-master? Excuse me for asking if it is rude to you, but are you a hybrid of some sort?"

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